Aromas etc a growing range

Here is a sneak preview of some of the choices we offer – either as they are or as a springboard to something ideally suited and specific to you…

Aromas: These are safety assessed and user tested  – clear favourites in all our trials

The Artisan Spa has developed a range of perfectly balanced natural aromas made from only the finest quality natural aromatic oils.  We work closely with aromatherapists and perfumers to create therapeutic blends which will be a delight to use in their own right. So, we have a selection of beautiful blends for you to experience…although we could discuss adapting one of these or even developing a signature blend just for you if you ‘really must’ have a blend of your own!

The Artisan Spa – Citrus Grove

Gloriously fragrant notes of citrus grove flowers. This blend was inspired by orchards, mountainside  groves and memories of freshly cut yellow freesia. A blend of fresh citrussy Grapefruit, Orange, Litsea and Bergamot, with amber notes of Cedarwood and Patchouli to uplift and awaken the mind and spirit.
The citrus fragrance is so delicious. Most of our clients find it difficult to put the bar down once they have had a first sniff!  We once found clear bite marks in one of our citrus grove soap bars (though our soaps are not safe to eat someone simply couldn’t resist the urge to bite into the bar!)

This aroma is Janey Lee Grace‘s favourite.

The Artisan Spa – Soft-mint Breeze

A breath of cool Spearmint freshness with a hint of warm sweet Orange. A blend of Sweet Orange & Spearmint with a touch of Bergamot and Ho Oil. A warm mint aroma to gently stimulate and uplift the mind and spirit.
We ‘wish we had a fiver’ for every time a client told us they dislike the smell of Spearmint and then they exclaim they adore the smell of this soft-mint fragrance! They look at us in disbelief that a mint based aroma can smell so warm and familiar, without the harsh, brash peppermint shock that comes from standard mint blends.

This aroma is Jo Fairley of the Beauty Bible’s favourite.

The Artisan Spa – Oriental Garland

The aroma of oriental  flowers mingled with the intensity of floral Ylang Ylang. A blend which also includes uplifting Grapefruit, zingy Tangerine, Cedarwood and Patchouli to encourage feelings of happiness, euphoria and the anticipation of passion and love. A light  fragrance with warm exotic undertones.

This aroma is Lynn Frank’s and the B.Hive’s favourite

The Artisan Spa – Vanilla Tropics

By popular request we now offer a rather expensive but totally sumptuous Vanilla edition. This aroma has rich sweet tones of natural vanilla oil with a crush of  orange. What can you say about this mouth watering blend…it’s just lovely, it ticks every possible box.  Once upon a time we thought this was going to be a  limited edition aroma but this is now permanently on the list!

Could this be your favourite?!

The Artisan Spa – Trade Winds – Limited Edition

Inviting spices and subtle citrus, the gentle waft of spice in the tidal air.  A gently relaxing, nurturing and lightening aroma for the mind and spirit.

The Artisan Spa – Frankincense & Rose – Limited Edition

Our latest Summer 2013 creation, feminine Rose Damask blended with sumptuous Frankincense and other skin friendly aromatic oils to give a classic anti-aging &  moisturising  treat.  Rose has a reputation for being an ‘older’ aroma too but there is nothing  ‘old’ about this aroma, and this is as real as real Rose essential oil gets (Although our Accountant will probably remind us that potentially this is a pretty decadent use of this expensive ingredient we thought we’d be generous regardless…we don’t accept immitations and just because it may cost us a bit more in production we don’t feel that it a good enough reason to hold back if it risks you’d  lose out on a heavenly experience.

Award winning Spa product recipes ready to be used:  Cosmetic safety assessed and approved luxurious product bases

Award winning, all natural product base recipes,  ready to use or adapt. This means you have award winning products as soon as they arrive at your Spa.

Our spa inspired range does not contain SLSs or SLEs, is Paraben Free, without Alcohols, without synthetic fragrances or unnecessary colourings or chemicals.  We don’t employ gimmicks but we can incorporate personal ingredients like local salts or flower aromas.

You can already choose from naturally or organic based liquid or solid soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body washes, moisturising lotions, skin friendly floral waters, fragrant oils, salted scrubs, lip balms, body butters, bath sherbets, unrefined salts and clays.  We only use fantastic ingredients and we adore playing with them to make something individual for you!

Packaging: Classic, Professional, Eco friendly, Skin friendly

We have a choice of packaging that we tend to use as standard: We hand fill  PET plastic bottles (clear, navy or brown plastic) with black cap  and we also have similar clear flint glass jars with black screw on lids.  We can source other packing if you prefer to choose differently.

Carrier bags, Organza bags and pretty Boutique bags are available also. Printed ribbons,  special tags or tamperproof tapes are not a problem either.

Labelling: Expertise, clarity, economical, durable.

You can produce your own labels or we can produce them for you. As we have a lot of experience with labelling we can provide information to go on the label, give our contact list for great printers who know what they are doing and even assist with the design too. Using our knowledge can prevent expensive mistakes or unnecessary high print runs.

With the Artisan Spa Company it’s all very easy…