Handmade Artisan Spa inspired products simply beautiful

You probably already have an idea of what you are looking for from us, so, your first meeting with our Managing Director Amanda Nelson, starts with unhurried time spent testing samples of the products stored in our company ‘Rummage Box’. We’ll happily allow you the time and space to look  through the  product filled sample bottles and jars, flasks and containers.  See what inspires you and what can manifest into the basis of the products you’ve been dreaming of creating.

Amanda feels that your clients won’t be expected to sit through a company presentation before they judge the products  and neither then should you.  If you like the products you sample,  Amanda can then chat through what she feels makes The Artisan Spa Company such a modern company, why our products earn their accreditations and awards  and to allow her to show you why we think we represent an authentic breath of fresh air as a potential partner in the current Beauty marketplace.

If you like, we will also show you empty groups of bottles, jars and bags for your packaging ideas ready to choose from. We have examples of label styles too. We can even give you an idea of costs and timescales straight away at this first meeting. You could have your own products in as little as 6 weeks.

If it’s got to be absolutely bespoke then Amanda would be delighted to help with that too of course. Let Amanda know what you are looking for and her team will aim to do their best to create it for you. Costs and timescales for this are different but then you’d expect them to be.